Open Source

Open source apps, functions, scripts etc. that I’ve made or built upon.

A simple Lambda function that sends SNS alerts when your current month's bill changes. Docker, Lambda, Node.js, SNS, Travis CI, Yarn
A quick Lambda@Edge function to add security headers to AWS CloudFront responses. CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, Node.js, Travis CI
Lambda to send logs from AWS CloudWatch to Papertrail. Modified version of the original by Apiary Inc. CloudWatch, Docker, Lambda, Node.js, npm, Papertrail, Travis CI, Yarn
An unofficial Dockerfile for CodeBuild combining official Docker (in Docker) and Node environments. CodeBuild, Docker, Node.js, Shell, Ubuntu
A simple AWS Lambda function designed to trigger CodeBuild on pushes to CodeCommit. CodeBuild, CodeCommit, Lambda, Make, PyPi, Python, Travis CI
A little AWS Lambda function I've got hooked up to a Flic button at our fave coffee shop. API Gateway, Docker, Flic, Lambda, Node.js, Terraform, Travis CI, Yarn
Dockerfiles for running (almost) every minor version of PHP, with Apache. Apache, Docker, PHP, Travis CI, Ubuntu
Convert Docker Hub webhooks into Slack messages. Docker, Heroku, Ruby, Sinatra, Slack
My dotfiles. Includes public keys. Use for whatever you like! Issues welcome. apt, Bash, Cloud9, Git, GPG, Homebrew, pip, RubyGems, Vim, Yarn, yum, zsh
Manages start and stop schedules to save costs on EC2 instances. API Gateway, CloudWatch, EC2, Lambda, Make, PyPi, Python, Travis CI
My personal ESLint config. Based mainly on @chromatix/eslint-config-chromatix but with some of my own changes. ESLint, JavaScript, npm, Travis CI, Yarn
Helper module for sending responses back to the AWS API Gateway from Lambda proxy invocations. API Gateway, Lambda, Node.js, npm, Travis CI, Yarn
An unofficial AWS Lambda/API Gateway function for parsing and queuing webhook events sent by the Proximity Events iPhone app. API Gateway, Docker, Lambda, Node.js, npm, Proximity Events, Travis CI, Yarn
A simple PHP interface to parse status of Melbourne train lines and post updates to Slack. Also provides next 5 services to leave from any trains, tram or bus stop. PHP, Slack
A simple Lambda function to 'poke' a hole in an AWS security group for temporary access from an authorised IP. API Gateway, Docker, EC2, Lambda, Node.js, Travis CI, Yarn
An AWS Lambda function that retrieves log files via SFTP, checks for new entries, and sends them to Papertrail. Uses S3 for maintaining state. Jest, Lambda, Node.js, npm, Papertrail, S3, Travis CI, Yarn
Parses input in either application/json or application/x-www-form-urlencoded content-types, returning it as an object. Node.js, npm, Travis CI, Yarn
Inspired by Pokémon Go, now you can catch and battle Pokémon with your teammates on Slack! Appveyor, Codacy, Codecov, Composer, Docker, Heroku, nginx, PHP, PHPUnit, PostgreSQL, Slack, Travis CI
AWS Lambda function to send SNS notifications to a Slack channel. Docker, Jest, Lambda, Node.js, npm, Slack, SNS, Travis CI, Yarn
Convert Atlassian webhooks into Slack messages. Heroku, Ruby, Sinatra, Slack
The original Theme Check plugin, but modified to include an exclusions feature. PHP, WordPress
Holds IaC data (mostly Terraform) for my cloud infrastructure. Ansible, AWS, Packer, Terraform, Travis CI
Custom, lean WordPress theme for the static site. CloudFront, EC2, ESLint, JavaScript, PHP, S3, Sass, Shell, Stylelint, Travis CI, Webpack, WordPress, Yarn
A Lambda function that sends your Travis CI build logs to Papertrail for easy aggregation, search and alerts. API Gateway, Docker, Lambda, Node.js, Papertrail, Travis CI, Yarn
Like, but one that actually works, because you can host it yourself ;) ESLint, Express, Heroku, Jest, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Slack, Travis CI